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Murder One
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Chapter Five, Year Two
Aired on: 1996-11-14
Larry White's expenses become larger. Arnold comes in late to the firm's meeting because he is out buying vitamins and other such thing for White. Ricky Latrell appears on a television program, answering questions about being accused of the murder of Sandy Portas. The Private Investigator announces that Larry White is missing. Wyler asks him to search for Larry. Michael, the security officer, is brought onto the stand again. He is questioned about being obsessed with Caroline VanAllen. Wyler brings up the fact that Caroline had to get a restraining order against him. Miriam Grasso objects to the questioning but it is allowed. Wyler also brings up the fact that Michael had tried to attack him but he defended himself. Michael says that is not true and he was just going to confront Wyler about his affair with Caroline when he was attacked. Wyler suggests that Michael is the perfect candidate to be the murderer, due to his temper. Michael also says that he never attacked Caroline by pullin (thetvdb.com)
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