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It's to Die For
Aired on: 2003-11-04
Clark, Ortiz and Russell are on the scene of a woman who's managed to survive an attack by the "Time Bar" killer. Lucy Wenner, the victim, tells them that two men were involved in her attack. She heard one of them mention that "Jimmy is gonna be pissed." The only James involved with the case that the detectives know is the "pain in the ass" owner of the Time Bar, James Carlin. They are going to talk with him, in the meantime Rodriguez reports back to the brass in his continuing effort to keep a task force from being formed. Jones and Medavoy arrive on the scene of the death of a mugger by an off duty cop named Trotter. They are told by Trotter that he was on the scene planning to meet one of his CI's named "Flossy" and that it was a "good shoot." They believe him, but need to ask all the questions. While awaiting the arrival of Carlin, Russell tells Sipowicz that her biopsy is in an hour. He tells her that she should talk with McDowell who wants to help. Sipowicz, Clark and Ru (thetvdb.com)
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