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The Partridge Family
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In 25 Words Or Less
Aired on: 1971-09-24
Reuben came up with the idea for a contest – the Booper Beat Magazine Contest – in which the winner would spend a week with the Partridge Family. Keith is hoping the winner would be young and beautiful. Reuben comes in with Gloria Neugast, the winner of the contest... a 60-year-old Jewish mother. In no time at all, Mrs. Neugast, is cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, helping the kids with their homework and teaching Laurie how to knit. She even talks Keith into taking her to Muldoon's Point where he takes his girlfriends – and his friends drive up and teas him mercilessly. When Mrs. Neugast brings home a nice single Jewish doctor for Shirley... the family decides that they can't take anymore of it. But they don't want to hurt her feelings. During the recording session, Mrs. Neugast interrupts each time the Partridges are about to begin. She tells Keith his hair is out of place... then stops the session again to tell Shirley the music is blocking her face. They finally finish, but afte (thetvdb.com)
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