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The Partridge Family
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A Man Called Snake
Aired on: 1971-10-01
In a hippy fan magazine interview, Keith has blabbed too much about the family, unsettling all of them, especially Laurie. He has said she had a crush on Harry Murphy but Laurie insists it was a Butch Murphy and it was years ago. A motorcycle roars outside, the bell rings, and the door is opened to reveal a burly young man in Levis, dirty white T-shirt, boots, and an earring in one ear. He announces he is Harry """"Snake"""" Murphy and is looking for the chick who is crazy about him. When Laurie explains the mistake, Snake laughs and admits he came on a dare. If Laruie will give him her autograph – on his bare chest – he will shove off. Reuben comes in carrying a twisted wire lawn-flamingo which he says some idiot had run over with a motorcycle, but when he spots Snake he drops that line and gushes about the beautiful machine he saw on the front lawn. In the following weeks Snake roars his motorcycle right in and out of Laurie's life. She refuses to talk with him, but during a rehearsal of (thetvdb.com)
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