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The Partridge Family
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Morning Becomes Electric
Aired on: 1974-03-09
Scheduled to appear at a rally for energy conservation, the Partridge family is chagrined when Danny's guitar blows all the fuses in the auditorium. To make amends they decide to be the """"model"""" family, showing everyone how easy it is to cut down on use of electricity. Danny suggests printing the name of """"energy hogs"""" in the local newspaper for all to see. Things go well until two days before the end of the electricity billing period when Danny realizes he has been reading the meter wrong – instead of 270 kilowatts they only have 27 left! To prevent the """"model family"""" from being exposed as """"energy hogs,"""" the Partridge family must spend one day without any electricity at all – including lights, stoves and heat! Sitting around the fireplace toasting marshmallows and singing, they realize the situation isn't really so bad – it's fun and it's brought the family closer together. (thetvdb.com)
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