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The Huntress
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Aired on: 2001-06-03
CAPSULE: While searching alone and undercover for a drug dealer, Brandi is charged with the same crime herself. She skips bail, forcing Dottie to track her down before the police find her. SPOILER ALERT! Key plot details revealed! Brandi comes home after spending the night out at a rave, but Dottie thinks she's spent the night studying. Suddenly DEA agents burst into the house and arrest Brandi at gunpoint on the charge of drug-dealing. Downtown, Agent Forrest confronts Brandi and her attorney with 20 hits of ecstasy she had in her possession plus photos of her making the buy. Brandi tells the agent she was working on trying to find a skip. Forrest tells her that a girl named Georgia OD'ed at the rave and that Brandi could possibly be looking at murder charges. Ricky puts up the bail for Brandi. Dottie is upset with her daughter for not telling her about this case, but Brandi counters that the nature of her undercover work made it necessary to work alone. She bought the ecstasy from a (thetvdb.com)
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