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The Huntress
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The Quest: Part 1
Aired on: 2001-08-12
CAPSULE: The Thorsons are facing a bill for years of unpaid property taxes, so they employ a burglar to crack Ralph's safe. They find no money, but they do find clues to a 1989 kidnapping case, which, if solved, could lead to a fortune. SPOILER ALERT! Key plot details revealed! Dottie and Brandi catch cat burglar Harry in the act, but they have a proposition for him. They'll forget about the present crime if he will open Ralph's safe for them. It seems the government is claiming they owe $120,000 in unpaid property taxes and Dottie is sure there is some documentation to prove otherwise. At the opening of the safe, Ricky has brought along newswoman Maria Sandoval to cover the story, saying he wants to give the Thorsons some publicity. However, it appears his main motive is to date her. Dottie and Brandi find little of use in the safe, but they do find a lot of recorded notes Ralph made. Some concern the famous McDonald kidnapping case twelve years earlier, in which the unknown perpetrat (thetvdb.com)
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