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Faites entrer l'accusé
Previous  20x07
Mohamed Faleh, the axe-murderer.
Aired on: 2020-02-24
An axe murderer in the automobile kingdom! The man has struck four times in Montbéliard, Sochaux, or Belfort; splitting the skulls of his victims as others chop wood. When Max, his only survivor, described him, he said that he had "seen the devil"! A devil who jumped on him without warning on March 3, 1999, and who, putting his finger on his mouth, ordered him to keep quiet, while he struck him with an axe. The affair, which initially appeared to be a brutal street fight, could have ended there. But the police soon sensed that this assault was not the only one. And in fact, this "missed" crime led to the solving of three other crimes (thetvdb.com)
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