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The Offer
Aired on: 1983-12-07
Leslie DeVeer, the owner of a hotel chain, seeks revenge against Mrs. Cabot; Leslie has never forgiven Mrs. Cabot for marrying the man Leslie loved. Leslie offers to make Peter the top executive of her six Caribbean luxury hotels. Angry that Leslie would make the offer to someone she'd just met, Craig Chase, Leslie's right-hand man, packs up and leaves. Peter meets with both women and tells them he can't accept Leslie's offer, since he knows it has to do with their rivalry. Journalist J.J. Powell intends to get an exclusive story from publicity-shy rocker Diz Wilder. Minus his wig and redheaded band, Diz Wilder sets off for a day of sightseeing, dressed neatly in a tweed jacket. Without letting on that she's a journalist, J.J. manages to meet Diz, who claims to be a travel agent. After spending the entire day and night together, J.J. refuses to expose Diz, but her editor publishes the article anyway. David and Martha Jane Connelly want to recreate their wedding day when they saw Libera (thetvdb.com)
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