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Miss Match
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Most Hopeless Romantics
Aired on: 2004-02-18
Courtesy of SpoilerFix.com Kate attends a high school reunion where she meets Tamara an old classmate who is getting married next year to Henri, a man she fell in love with while in France. We learn that Kate is now single. She notices Dave Hillman, the guy she had a big crush on in high school. Nick also attends the reunion. Jerry and Serena are still seeing each other but Jerry is starting to feel old around her. Tamara asks Kate if she knows of a good immigration lawyer for Henri. Kate wants Tamara to sign a prenup. At the firm, Kate meets with both of them to set up the prenup but Henri is there only because Tamara wants the prenup not because he wants to… will this lead to the end of their couple? Lianne goes on a date with 30-year-old Jew named Josh. Kate and Jerry help Josh with the settle agreement he has with his ex about cooking kosher food for their children. Kate and Dave will go to dinner and in a bar. Kate has Jerry, Serena, Dave, Josh, and Lianne over for dinner. Kate su (thetvdb.com)
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