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Coronation Street
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Fri 12 Nov, 2004
Aired on: 2004-11-12
Maria can't find it in herself to tell Tyrone that he can't come on holiday with her and tells Candice all about it. Candice suggests that she go instead of Tyrone and Maria thinks about it but as the time of departure grows ever-nearer a decision must be made. Candice decides to take matters into her own hands and tells Tyrone that Maria doesn't want to go on holiday with him. Ty storms out, clearly upset. Maria tells Candice that she went too far and follows Ty and tells him that she actually does want to go on holiday with him. She doesn't seem very sure that she made the right decision though when Tyrone acts a little too enthusiastic! Shelley is planning to see Sunita to see how she's doing but Charlie objects since he's staying home tonight . . . at first Shelley agrees to stay and then she sees Charlie laughing with Ciaran and decides to go and later, as Shelley heads out the door, Charlie tells her that he really doesn't want her to go out. Seeing that Charlie feels so strong (thetvdb.com)
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