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Coronation Street
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Fri 19 Nov, 2004
Aired on: 2004-11-19
Kelly continues on her quest to make Sean straight! After a night out they share his bed while watching a movie. The Barlows are forced to take the bus to town after the air in their tyres is let down! Tracy threatens Karen who denies any involvement. Later, the Barlow's return to find their wheels have been stolen! Tracy breaks into Karen and Steve's flat with Liz's keys and steals them back! Les wonders how he's going to explain to the council how the bath ended up downstairs. Charlie advises them to put that tub in the backyard and bring in the old bathroom stuff and tell the council that it was there fault! Later, the ploy seems to work and the council commission Charlie for the rebuilding work! Frankie arranges to see Warren play footie so has to cancel her shopping trip with Vera. Instead she lends Vera her handbag and a few other items so that she would look the part in all them "posh shops"! Later, as Jack and Ron share a few cans, Jack gets a phone call from the hospital (thetvdb.com)
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