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Coronation Street
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Fri 24 Dec, 2004 [Episode 2]
Aired on: 2004-12-24
As the Barlows stay at home, out of their minds with worry, Steve and Tracy race around Manchester in search of Karen. Karen and Steve keep in contact on the phone but Tracy blows their initial chances of finding her when Karen hears Tracy's with her husband! Liz tries to calm everybody and she and Steve beg everybody not to call the police. Later, Tracy's fears worsen when she hears Karen tell Steve that he wants Tracy to suffer like she's suffered! Karen hangs up and tells baby Amy that her baby died! Steve soon gets another call from Karen telling him that she's at the red rec. Steve takes Tracy but they struggle to find a way in! When they finally do get in they find the Barlow's car up in flames and of course Steve and Tracy assume the worst . . . (thetvdb.com)
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