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Coronation Street
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Mon 24 Jan, 2005 [Episode 2]
Aired on: 2005-01-24
Jamie's dented the works van and is dreading telling Danny. Warren lets slip to Leanne that Stuart's taken Maria out. Sunita attends the Weatherfield Traders' Association meeting instead of Dev. When the President resigns, Sunita's shocked to find herself nominated. Leanne tells Jack and Vera that Maria's two-timing Tyrone. Charlie and Shelley make up again. Charlie assures her he's not the sort of man who would hurt a woman. Jack calls to see Warren to ask him if it's true about Maria. Fred, Audrey and Rita discuss the President's resignation and Fred shows them the presidential medal which he's looking after. Danny blames Jamie for crashing the van and makes him pay for the damage. Stuart takes Maria back to his flat. He wants to take her to bed. Although tempted, Maria refuses as she doesn't want to hurt Tyrone. Shelley's mortified when Charlie says he'll give £5 to charity for every pound she loses on her diet and puts a poster up behind the bar. Tyrone tells Jack how he wants to have kids with Maria. Jack gently breaks the news to him that Maria's seeing someone else behind his back. Tyrone's devastated. (thetvdb.com)
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