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Coronation Street
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Mon 14 Feb, 2005 [Episode 1]
Aired on: 2005-02-14
Cilla gets a Valentines card from another man! Les is immediately suspicious and fearful that she might be seeing somebody else. Worried that she'll loose Les, Cilla gives Chesney £5 to tell his uncle Les that he sent his mam the card! Feeling rejected by Deidre, Ken decides he's not talking to her! Meanwhile, Blanche's friend Lena plots to steal Ken for herself! Steve gets two cards on Valentines Day morning. He knows that one's from Tracy and thinks that there might be a chance that the other is from Karen . . . Steve contacts Karen's family to try and get in touch - they tell him that they don't want to be put in the middle and agree that if Steve were to send a letter to Karen that they would pass it on to her . . . as Steve is about to post something in the letter box he's set upon by the factory girls and Kelly asks him if he likes his card. Steve is furious for Kelly for "playing with his mind"! Sally tells Gail about the visit from Ian's ex. Gail urges her to end the rela (thetvdb.com)
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