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Coronation Street
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Mon 3 Jul, 2006 [Episode 1]
Aired on: 2006-07-03
Claire is concerned that the baby hasn't kicked for a couple of days she calls the midwife who asks them to come in for some checks. Asking Fred to cancel the welfare officer's visit, Ashley and Claire head for the hospital. They are relieved when everything is fine and head home, but Ashley is angry that Fred didn't manage to cancel the welfare visit and discovers her playing with Josh. Growing increasingly angry with her questions, Ashley makes it clear that he doesn't want Dr Matt Ramsden anywhere near his son. Charlie and Tracy call at the Rovers shouting the odds once more and Bev decides to bar them. Shelley plays right into Charlie's hands however by overturning his ban. He starts to play mind games once more and insists that there will always be something between them. This is the final push that Shelley needs to make her mind up about leaving. She tells Bev that she has decided to take the new job. Bev is concerned that Charlie is once more behind her decision - but Shelley has made her decision and is not for budging. Meanwhile, Charlie has discovered that Angela is the tenant of number 6, not Keith, so he doesn't have to give him notice. He tells Keith he wants him out in 48 hours. Much to Craig's dismay, Keith tells him they are moving to Bournemouth immediately. Elsewhere, David is surprised about how well he gets on with Ken teaching him. Tyrone and Molly offer to help Diggory by setting up an offshoot pizza delivery service. (thetvdb.com)
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