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Coronation Street
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Sun 20 Aug, 2006
Aired on: 2006-08-20
Still reeling from the events of last week, Sarah at piecing her life back together again. The devastated young mother sets about cancelling all the plans she had made for her married life with Jason. Just when she thought things could not be worse, she is dismayed to learn that she has lost her £500 deposit that grandmother Audrey had given to the her and Jason for them to set up home together. A heartbroken Sarah feels that her ex-fiancé has a lot to answer for and it looks like she‘s going to get the chance ask the questions when a dishevelled Jason, still wearing his wedding suit, arrives back in Weatherfield and heads straight to the Platts’ house. How will Sarah react to the sight of an apologetic Jason on the doorstep? Elsewhere, Joanne is keen to move into the spare room at Maria’s flat. The young hairdresser agrees to talk to Charlie about it, but after recent events, Maria is thinking of moving out of the flat in order to distance herself Charlie. When the two-timing builder later pays Maria a visit she breaks down and reveals her plans to move out. Keen to keep his illicit affair on the boil, Charlie comforts her. Will his unusually kind words be enough for to keep Maria in the flat and more importantly will she remain his mistress? Meanwhile, Underworld boss Danny hands over the managerial reigns to Adam as he prepares for a trip to Spain in order to visit footballer son Warren and Ashley is concerned when wife Claire begins to look into the possibility of hiring a childminder. Also, Craig is once again left behind in Weatherfield when Rosie goes to stay at school friend Laura’s holiday cottage in Devon. (thetvdb.com)
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