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Coronation Street
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Mon 23 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]
Aired on: 2006-10-23
Frankie is trying her best with Danny, by refusing to sleep in the same bed but trying to get back to normal otherwise as a couple. He makes a special breakfast for her, delighted that Frankie is back in his home. She is touched by this but wants Danny to promise he’ll give Jamie time to get used to the new situation so Danny seeks him out to try and appease things, but Jamie slams the door in his face. Later on, Frankie goes to see Jamie who accuses her of lying to herself, and that their kiss really meant something. But Frankie is in turmoil and refuses to take in Jamie’s words. When he moves in for a kiss, will confused Frankie succumb? Unsuspecting Tracy wants to play matchmaker to Maria and Steve, but Charlie secretly hopes her daft idea will disappear as quickly as it arrived and warns Maria of her plans. She thinks that Charlie is coming over for a pizza but Charlie lets her down again, so she resorts to spending her evening with a rather smitten David.And over in the Peacocks', Ashley asks Archie for Fred’s ashes, but Bev has already collected them. Ashley is absolutely mad at Bev and vows to get them back. He confronts her in the Rovers but Bev refuses to hand them over and tells poor Ashley she pans to scatter them where Fred proposed to her. What is Ashley’s reaction to this? Sarah is asked to go to the wholesalers by Audrey but she hasn’t got her mobile so Audrey demands that Maria lend her hers. Maria hastily deletes any outstanding texts from secret lover Charlie and asks David to take Charlie a note for her, telling him she hasn’t got her phone. She tells David she is telling him this because of a rent problem. He begrudgingly does this, but can’t help and sneak a glance on the way back to the salon. Has David rumbled their illicit affair?Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Frankie’s return is the talk of the factory floor and Danny delights in telling Liam that Frankie has moved back in. But it’s a different story for Frankie, who has mo (thetvdb.com)
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