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Just Cause
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Blackboard Jungle
Aired on: 2003-05-04
Mr. Decker Principal of Harding High School is confronted Geena Harrington because she is doing bad in school and wants to find a better way to raise her grades. Mr. Decker is let go from his job because Geena says her grades would be raised if she got closer to Mr. Decker. Geena tells Whitney that Mr. Decker made advances to her, Alex decides to go and fill in for a teacher. Patrick feels Rebecca is getting to close and is having trouble ending the relationship. Alex found information that makes Alex wonders if Mr. Decker is telling the truth. Rebecca gets angry because she thinks Peggy is going out with Patrick, Alex finds that Geena lied about what Mr. Decker did. Geena later says the Vice Principal told Geena to lie to help her grades. (thetvdb.com)
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