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Meitantei Conan
(Detective Conan)
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Three Days With Hattori Heiji (2-hour Special)
Aired on: 2007-07-16
A monk claims to see a dead woman's body, but when the police arrives, the body vanishes. The head monk believes that he is hallucinating due to the thought of his dead mother. Conan and Heiji investigate and find out the truth. Was everything the monk saw just an illusion, or is there more to it? Following this case, Heiji reveals to Conan that he has been invited for a Detective Koushien, with the best high school detective from the North, South, East and West of Japan. Heiji was invited to represent the West, and though Kudo was originally the choice for the East, Hakuba makes another appearance representing the East. Later, one of the detectives are murdered and the island is without communication. Conan manges to solve the case and help comes due to Heiji. (thetvdb.com)
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