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Meitantei Conan
(Detective Conan)
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The Blue Spark of Hate (Part 2)
Aired on: 2009-02-16
Conan interrogates the party guests at Sodou's home and learns Ena has been persuading her husband to wear his wool sweater under his fleece jacket and to use his classic car for the past three weeks. The police ask Ena to come with the station with them so they may ask more questions. She is escorted by Agasa's car where they make a stop to refuel on gas. Agasa trips spilling the gasoline and asks Haibara to use the key and open the trunk to his car. She is however stopped by Ena who proclaims an explosion will occur due to a static shock. The garage door opens and the police reveal it was a setup in order to gain a confession to the murder by Ena. Conan reveals that the reason Ena was asking Sudou to wear his wool and fleece combination was to build up static electricity. He reveals that since Sodou's classic car did not use a remote keyless system, when Sodou attempted to lock his car with his keys, the static electricity he built up transferred from the key to the car-door's lock resulting in a spark which ignited the vaporized gasoline. Ena reveals that her motive was revenge. In the past her father had a heart attack and since her mother was unable to drive, they became stranded on the mountain. Sodou passing by and refuses to drive them to the hospital and instead, laughs at their predicament. Her mother then passed away shortly due to shock and Ena swore revenge against Sodou ever since. (thetvdb.com)
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