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Meitantei Conan
(Detective Conan)
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The Day Mori Kogoro Discontinues His Detective Business (Part 2)
Aired on: 2009-07-18
The Police continue their search for the suspect of the murder. Kogoro is forced by a fat woman who is intrigued with him to go jogging. He defeats robbers after her jewelry and is escorted to the hospital. Once there, Kogoro overhears a patient discuss Gamou and his medical test which took place on the day Kogoro met with him. Kogoro investigates and heads to Gamou's company to retrieve a recording of the victim's voice. However the culprit steals the recording from Kogoro and escapes. Conan tells Kogoro that Gamou filed a complain to a company and that the company has a recording of the phone call. Kogoro realizes who the suspect is and calls Takeoka to meet with him. Once there, Kogoro reveals Takeoka has been impersonated Gamou half a month before meeting him and reveals Takeoka was also the one calling Kogoro pretending to be Gamou. He reveals Takeoka to be the murderer. Takeoka reveals that his wife was the witness who accused Gamou of his crime five years ago. On the day his wife died, she apologized to Takeoka for her mistaken accusation. Takeoka realized Gamou was indeed the criminal five years ago and desired revenge against him. After telling Kogoro his story, Takeoka proceeds to jump off a cliff but is saved by Kogoro. (thetvdb.com)
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