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Meitantei Conan
(Detective Conan)
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Ramen So Delicious Til Death (Part 1)
Aired on: 2012-02-04
Conan is back home at Mouri Detective Agency. Kogoro is on the phone with Ran but suddenly got shocked that Ran is going to sleep over at school during night time because everyone's going to practice karate. Kogoro asked Ran about dinner and he's so hungry. She told him to go to the Poirot Café but it's closed. Kogoro felt so down but he just thought of another restaurant called Iroha Sushi. When he checked, it's also closed. Every restaurants are closed while the lights are off. Conan just got the flyers from all kinds of eating places from the mailbox. He gave it to Kogoro and he's checking where to eat. Kogoro found the place to eat so they went to the place called Ramen Ogura. They entered and the man named Katsumasa Ogura who owns the shop welcome them. Kogoro and Conan took a seat and the lady named Sayo Ohashi came out from the restroom. She suggest them to eat the Death Lord ramen that it is so good. So Kogoro and Conan picked it and Sayo told Ogura for two orders of Death Lord ramen. Conan went to the restroom to wash his hands but he suddenly heard Ogura telling a man named Tokumori Saizu to get out of his restaurant. He's not going to leave and he has made a special effort to come to ramen shop where business is slow. Ogura and Sayo hates Saizu because Saizu's men causes trouble at their shop. Saizu sat down next to Conan and wants some ramen to eat. Another man named Atsushi Taninaka entered and takes a seat to order a ramen. Sayo brought the Death Lord ramen to Kogoro and Conan. They got nervous so they'll try it. They eat and they love it. Sayo also gave the Death Lord ramen to Saizu and he picks up the chopstick with his left hand. When he's about to eat, he mention that someone could die after eating the ramen for his sake and the shop would go out of business immediately. He said why don't he try poisoning in ramen. Suddenly, Kogoro got mad and told him that he should stop being so disrespectful, but Saizu didn't answer while he's eating ramen. Kogoro just grab his collar but Saizu is suffocating. He collapsed and died. (thetvdb.com)
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