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Meitantei Conan
(Detective Conan)
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The Disappearing Detective Boys
Aired on: 2018-11-24
Conan, Mitsuhiko, Genta, Ayumi, and Haibara discover counterfeit ten thousand yen bills and a phone in the park. While Conan is calling Inspector Megure, Haibara, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Ayumi follow counterfeiter Bella Hikifune, who has come to the park to collect the counterfeit bills and phone. However, they are detected and captured by Bella. Conan contacts Haibara using her Detective Boys badge, deduces that they are being held inside a moving container truck, and goes after them. Haibara questions Tatsumi, who is being held inside the same container, but.. (thetvdb.com)
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