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Seven Up!
Seven Up!
Aired on: 1964-05-05
Granada's World In Action programme took a group of 7 year-old boys and girls, talked to them about their attitudes to life and produced an award-winning programme, Seven Up. Director Michael Apted plans to re-interview them at 7 year interviews to determine how their lives and attitudes have changed. The boys and girls are from many backgrounds - from a children's home, from the working-class East End of London, from a Yorkshire farm, from the stockbroker area of the suburbs. Once again they talk of their views on love, on racialism, on money, on marriage, on school and home. The way these attitudes have changed - or remained the same - is contrasted with clips from the earlier film. It is probably the first programme in which children have been observed over such a long period. (thetvdb.com)
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