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Static Shock
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The Usual Suspect
Aired on: 2003-02-22
Virgil accidently bumps into a large boy at school and insults his size. The boy - Marcus spent time in juvenile hall but he wants to turn his life around, so he goes to Sharon for counseling. A huge bang baby goes on a rampage thru the city by attacking a policeman, trashing the auto show and destroying another kids car. Virgil and Richie investigate and learn that Marcus has a link with all the crimes and think that when he gets angry he turns into the monster and destroys what he's mad at. They don't have proof against him so Virgil goes to insult Marcus hoping he'll turn into the monster in front of everyone. When he doesn't Virgil runs away to avoid getting beat up. Richie learns that Marcus couldn't have been the monster because he was in counseling with Sharon. The monster attacks Virgil and he figures that the monster is Marcus ex girlfriend. Virgil changes into Static and fights the monster who admits that it's her and she did it because Marcus broke up with her and she (thetvdb.com)
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