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Static Shock
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Toys in the Hood
Aired on: 2003-05-03
Darcy disguises herself as a school teacher at Dakota High School to get close to Daisy. Superman comes to Dakota to track down the Toyman. When Daisy is kidnaped he teams up with Static to find her. Darcy has teamed up with the Toyman to secure a new living body for herself and she promises to be with the Toyman if he helps her. Static and Superman track down the Toyman but he has already made a duplicate body of Daisy with Darcy's mind inside. Static discovers the real Daisy from the fake but she manages to escape and tries to double cross the Toyman. He tells her he put a failsafe into her system that would kill her if she betrayed him. Darcy dies and the police take Toyman to jail. (thetvdb.com)
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