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Soukyuu no Fafner
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Memory ~ Scream
Aired on: 2004-10-17
The Neo UN fleet occupies the Alvis base, however the female island core is still reported missing. Back at the Moldova base, Kazuki receives the Fafner Mark Sein from Mjolnir. Idun, another Master Type Festum, consumes Mjolnir, enraging Kazuki as he continues to fight. Both Kazuki and Idun sink into a lava pit generated by the Fafner Mark Sein. Kazuki confronts his internal conflicts about his past of when Soushi's left eye was first injured and of how the green crystals were first implanted in his body. Maya and Kyouhei witness Kazuki defeating Idun in the lava pit. Kazuki later tells Maya and Kyouhei that he is looking forward to protect the island after knowing what he is dealing with. (thetvdb.com)
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