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Soukyuu no Fafner
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Pillage ~ Decoy
Aired on: 2004-12-12
At a Neo UN development base, Yukie is being tested to pilot the Fafner Mark Nicht, however Idun, who has taken human form, assimilates Yukie and destroys the development facility. Kazuki, Maya, and Canon are unable to bring Kenji back to the Alvis base, following Mamoru's death. Soushi, still in the Siegfried System, faces his past. Kazuki, assisted by Tsubaki, tries to save Soushi. However, Idun suddenly attacks the island and attempts to assimilate the entire base. Though Maya, Michio, and Canon intercept, they are easily defeated. Michio then activates the self-destruction sequence and attempts to ejects, but he is captured and dies in the blast. Also, Soushi disappears, along with the Siegfried System, infuriating Kazuki. (thetvdb.com)
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