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Rock Bottom
Aired on: 1985-09-27
J.R. objects to Bobby's will being read so soon after his death. J.R. tells Sue Ellen off who winds up falling victim to car theft. Ray regrets his misbehavior towards Donna and wants to make up. Sue Ellen winds up on the street among the homeless. Donna tells Jenna about her pregnancy. J.R. is in pain after Bobby's death. Cliff tries to warn the cartel against J.R. Pamela's appearance at the reading of Bobby's will makes J.R.angry. J.R. objects to some of the terms of Bobby's will. Sue Ellen disappears from Southfork which gets Clayton and Miss Ellie worried. Cliff sees an opportunity for himself in Pamela's situation after Bobby's death. Sue Ellen drinks heavily and falls victim to more theft. J.R. and Mandy Winger further discuss "The Sue Ellen problem." (thetvdb.com)
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