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The Bill
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Blaze Of Glory
Aired on: 2003-11-20
Sergeant Dale Smith finds it difficult not to get too involved when dealing with Julian Walker who is a victim of male rape, following a burglary. Still feeling guilty over the way he dealt with Mickey following his ordeal, Smithy pushes Julian to make a statement while his credit cards reveal a different side. PC Gabriel Kent struggles to keep composed when he has to tell a man that his parents have been killed. Sergeant June Ackland's concern forces a distraught Gabriel to reveal that his own parents were recently killed in a car crash. PC Jim Carver is defensive when DC Eva Sharpe confronts him about the threats he was making to Marie but Marie is busy making her own threats when she follows June home and warns her to stay away from her man. And the team at Sun Hill plant a tree as a memorial to Cass Rickman, killed a year ago by the Sun Hill serial killer. Nick makes a difficult speech but his day only gets worse when he admits to telling Phil Hunter's wife her husband has bee (thetvdb.com)
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