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Marble League
Previous  2021x22
Episode deleted
Aired on: 2021-09-14
The 6th edition of the Marble League 2021, hosted by Crazy Cat's Eyes has 16 events where 16 marble teams will compete to win medals. Who will win this marble racing tournament? This video contains all 16 events in full length including the opening and closing ceremony. Thank you so much for enjoying and supporting us! I (Jelle) am also happy that you have enjoyed this Marble League, however, I'm somewhat worried about the controverse caused in E9 (the DSQ), E12 Diving and the reversed starting grid in E16. Especially the reversed starting grid was a failed experiment in my opinion, I considered that because I was really tired during the production and didn't like to do a time consuming qualifying round in E16, but I regret this now. (thetvdb.com)

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