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Peter Sarsgaard
Star in a TV Show:
Ray Seward in
The Killing (2011)
Martin Schmidt in
The Looming Tower (2018)
Frank Olson in
Wormwood (2017) (2017)
Rick Mountcastle in
Dopesick (2021)
Star in a Movie:
District Attorney Gil Colson in The Batman (2022)
Walter Duranty in Mr. Jones (2019)
Jay Logan in The Lie (2018)
Bartholomew Bogue in The Magnificent Seven (2016)
Robert Kennedy in Jackie (2016)
Brian Halloran in Black Mass (2015)
Father Bill Lombardy in Pawn Sacrifice (2015)
Stanley Milgram in Experimenter (2015)
Narrator (Voice) in Valley Uprising (2014)
Chuck Traynor in Lovelace (2013)
Fitzsimmons in Very Good Girls (2013)
Robot (voice) in Robot & Frank (2012)
Hector Hammond in Green Lantern (2011)
Fitzgerald in Knight and Day (2010)
John Coleman in Orphan (2009)
David Goldman in An Education (2009)
Luke Marshall in The Skeleton Key (2005)
Alan Troy in Jarhead (2005)
Clyde Martin in Kinsey (2004)
Charles 'Chuck' Lane in Shattered Glass (2003)
Vadim Radtchinko in K-19: The Widowmaker (2002)
Julia Hickson's Fiancee (uncredited) in The Cell (2000)
John Lotter in Boys Don't Cry (1999)
Walter Delacroix in Dead Man Walking (1995)

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