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Spin-off in 1987 with the tvshow Degrassi Junior High
Drama Family
Premiered in 1979 - Status: Canceled/Ended
Last episode : 1x26 - Aired on 1986-01-05
How many times have you asked your friends: "Have you ever seen Kids of Degrassi Street?" Most likely they didn't know what it was. During the first few months of the series it did not do good in the ratings, but got better. This show starred many characters, they all went to the same school, right next to the Degrassi Grocery. Everyone knew everyone in the little town, this show dealt with many issues in teen and pre-teen life. After the show was done airing, most of the actors went on to the other series Degrassi Junior High / Degrassi High, they just had different names. There were many rumors as the show went on; some like the cast had to re-audition for Degrassi Junior High. Those were never confirmed. The Kids of Degrassi Street was filmed 1979-1985 around Degrassi Street and Queen Street East in Toronto, Canada. The show has sadly been cancelled, there is a new series. If you like this show you should watch Degrassi: The Next Generation.
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