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The Raconteur of the Funeral Circuit
Punk Is Dead
Love the Way You Lie
Episode 6
Weird Pilot
The Exterminator
Town for Sale
Time Out of Mind
The Right Thing
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Fugitive Number One
Six Feet Over/Under
14 Chefs Compete
The Road to the Live Shows
Flight Risk
Queer Studies & Advanced Waxing
Art for the People, By the People
Mackenzie's Time to Shine
An Imaginary Torch Walks Into A Bar
Coaching Prospects
Line in the Sand
Liza Sows Her Oates
Episode 4
Cops and Bottoms
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Episode 5
Episode 6
Cocktails and Calamine
When You Awake
Papa Bear Goes to Preschool
Épisode 24
Bells 'n' Smells
Habeas Corpse
And the Zero Tolerance
Blaze of Glory
The Whip Affair
Episode 4
The Knockouts Part, 3
Need to Know
The Shrink
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Saison 2
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10 last added Series:
[Drama]   [SF / Fantastic]
Status: En productionPremiered in: 2015
Network: AMCCountry: USA
[Comedy / Sitcom]
Status: Nouvelle sériePremiered in: 2015
Network: BBC TwoCountry: United Kingdom
Status: RenouveléePremiered in: 2010
Network: Tokyo MXCountry: Japan
Status: Nouvelle sériePremiered in: 2014
Network: YoutubeCountry: USA
[Drama]   [Mini-serie]
Status: Terminée/AnnuléePremiered in: 1979
Network: France 2Country: France
Status: Nouvelle sériePremiered in: 2015
Network: ABCCountry: USA
[Comedy / Sitcom]   [Cop / Spy]
Status: Nouvelle sériePremiered in: 2015
Network: Disney ChannelCountry: USA
[Reality]   [Documentary]
Status: Nouvelle sériePremiered in: 2015
Network: RMC DécouverteCountry: France
[Animation]   [Children]
Status: RenouveléePremiered in: 2013
Network: Disney XDCountry: USA
[Drama]   [Cop / Spy]
Status: Nouvelle sériePremiered in: 2015
Network: Canal+Country: France
10 last Series News:
Posted by Nao at 17:36 on 2015-03-25
Looking est annulée.

Condoléances, Rico.
Posted by donkykong at 18:05 on 2015-03-24
Posted by ricorod at 06:45 on 2015-03-22
grohl a dit
le 06/11/2014 à 20:41

Pas vraiment une surprise mais Downton Abbey est renouvelée pour une sixième saison.

Qui sera la dernière.
Posted by Titmen at 19:33 on 2015-03-18
Posted by Clarity at 16:09 on 2015-03-18
Posted by Nao at 14:18 on 2015-03-18
New Girl est renouvelée pour une 5e saison.

Posted by Nao at 19:59 on 2015-03-12
Le prince qatari a mis la main à la poche !

12 Monkeys aura une 2e saison !

Joie !

Source !
RenouvellementsTalk about it
Posted by Nao at 00:03 on 2015-03-12
Mom et Mike & Molly seraient renouvelées.
Posted by Sixe at 08:15 on 2015-03-11
Ascension restera une mini série pour Syfy. On ne sait pas encore si les producteurs vont essayer de la proposer ailleurs.