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Packed to the Rafters
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To Tell or Not to Tell
Aired on: 2010-07-06
Dave's dilemma over whether to reveal that his birth-father is alive leads to a roadtrip to meet his mysterious other family. With all seemingly at peace in the Rafter house, Dave wrestles whether to tell mother Chel that the love of her life, his father Tom Jennings is alive. With Julie's advice to tread carefully ringing in his ears, Dave decides to make up his own mind on the mysterious Jennings. With Nathan's constant partying weighing on Dave's mind, he decides to kill two birds with one stone and drags his son on a roadtrip to Coolong. Melissa is finding Sammy's secret increasingly difficult to keep from Ben. Ben jumps to the conclusion that he has done something wrong and a reluctant Melissa tells him the truth - Sammy is in Sydney. Ben immediately decides to tell Nathan, but Melissa insists he keep her secret, leading to the first serious fight of their marriage. Rachel becomes the green-eyed monster when Jake's client, an attractive housewife, seems to be coming on to him. Rachel embarrasses herself by behaving like the kind of jealous girlfriend she swore she would never be, to Jake's frustration. Can Julie's wise words about being a tradie's wife smooth over their relationship woes? Meanwhile, Dave's trip to Coolong seems fruitless - until he runs into nephew Coby Jennings at the local service station. Despite Nathan's negativity, Dave takes a liking to Coby - and resolves to tell Chel the truth. But suspicious Coby has a surprise of his own, as we see him scribbling down the rego of Nathan's vehicle. Will Coby discover their true identity and connection? Nathan returns reinvigorated from the road trip, determined to mend his self-destructive partying ways and put Sammy's ghost to rest. Will Ben defy Melissa's wishes and tell his brother the truth? (thetvdb.com)
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