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Still Game
Previous  9x06
Over the Hill
Aired on: 2019-03-28
It is the must-see finale as we bid a poignant farewell to Jack, Victor and the rest of the Craiglang gang. While Isa gets into a fix with some cute little animals, Jack and Victor decide to stop putting things off and go on that adventure they have been planning for years. A new month rolls round and Jack is excited to see what new picture he will reveal on his calendar, but tensions quickly rise as Victor tries to meddle in his fun. Heading to The Clansman for a calming pint, they suggest Boabby uncovers November on his calendar, while Tam reveals he is far too stingy to buy one. This marching of time has put Jack into a contemplative mood. He is thinking about how he and Victor should stop making up a load of excuses and should instead accomplish their long-standing ambition to climb the world famous Munro, Ben Lomond. Victor’s bright idea for avoiding disappointment every year is to admit defeat, but Jack is having none of it - they are pioneers and they are going for it! With their new resolve, Jack and Victor invite Tam, Winston and Boaby to join the expedition, which quickly sees them scrabbling around for reasons why they can’t possibly go. Turns out, none of them can come up with anything decent so they find themselves agreeing. It is probably for the best anyway. Over at Navid’s shop, rather than running a mile from charity workers, Isa runs towards them. She is a sucker for a cute little animal story but when Navid finds her acting strangely in the shop, she is forced to admit to him that she has a problem. As Navid conducts an intervention to help Isa onto a better path, the boys head off for Ben Lomond in a bid to conquer that mountain. (thetvdb.com)
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