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Coronation Street
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Wed 23 Mar, 2005
Aired on: 2005-03-23
The residents of Coronation Street gather for Tommy's funeral. Katy has last minute doubts about whether or not she'll be able to go through with standing in a church surrounded by all the people that loved the man she killed but Angela tells her that everything will be fine as long as she stays strong for just that day - it'll be better after that . . . Katy isn't Angela's only concern, when they arrive at the church, the police show up and Angela sees them having a chat to the priest that she confessed all to! It seems that her fears are misplaced when later the priest reassures her that she can come to the church and speak in confidence to him at any time. Later, as Craig delivers a moving eulogy for his father, he breaks down and can't go on. He finds support in his sister who goes to his side and reads Craig's words. The speech talks about Craig's love for his father and how much he hopes the villains who did this are caught and made to suffer like him! Katy can't go on either and (thetvdb.com)
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