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Coronation Street
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Sun 10 Apr, 2005
Aired on: 2005-04-10
The people at the wedding leave the Registry Office for photographs. Ray offers his congratulations and a kiss for Deirdre. Fred makes them all line up for a picture. Lena Thistlewood returns to the garage and sees what Maria and Tyrone are up to in the office. They see her and bluster excuses. Lena pretends to be overcome with shock and demands a brandy. Charlie manipulates Shelley into suggesting that she makes the first move in making it up with Sunita. Steve is nervous of Tracy arriving in the Rovers for the wedding party. Louise however is unfazed. The wedding party arrives and Ray buys the first round. Chesney is downcast about the passport photographs. Not knowing what they are intended for, Roy offers to take better ones himself. Lena blackmails Tyrone and Maria into a free MOT and haircut. During the party, Ray tells Rita of his regrets over leaving his family. Rita points out though that he's been given a chance to make it up. Louise tells Tracy to move on and leave her and Steve alone. The party at the Rovers gets into a swing. Ray and Mike make cuttings remarks to each other about Ken while Shelley proposes to Sunita that they have a talk and arrange to meet for a drink the next day. Tracy apologises to Ray about being a bitch earlier. Ray asks his daughter for a dance. She soon agrees but he quickly tires and she goes to fetch him a drink. Deirdre sits down with Ray and comments it was weird him being there, but she's still glad her came. Ray smiles warmly at her and tells her that so is he. As Deirdre leaps up to join the hokey kokey Ray, unseen, clutches his chest in pain and groans. Blanche sits down and talks to him, not noticing that he has passed away. She finally realises that something is amiss. The party are alerted to it and gather around in a deadly hush as a tearful Tracy embraces her dead father, weeping "not yet...Dad'". (thetvdb.com)
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