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Coronation Street
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Wed 20 Apr, 2005 [Episode 1]
Aired on: 2005-04-20
The Grimshaws face an uncertain financial future, Liz tries to play matchmaker with Steve and Tracy but to no avail and Candice resigns from the salon after infuriating Audrey by doing her own hair and ignoring the customers! Meanwhile, Angela seeks help from her priest whom she confessed her sins to, as well as Katy's sins . . . Angela asks him to tell the police what she told him but he tells her that the confessional bounds him to secrecy . . . he will not break that that vow, even if she asks him to - it isn't his place . . . Also, as she lies in a coma, Craig begs Katy to get better but it seems that there's nothing he can say and there's nothing that the doctors can do as Katy's life draws to a close . . . Continued in a special episode at 10pm . . . (thetvdb.com)
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