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Coronation Street
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Fri 18 Aug, 2006
Aired on: 2006-08-18
Maria wakes up and sees Charlie sleeping next to her. She realises the enormity of what she has done and starts to feel sick at the thought of seducing another woman’s bloke. David calls by to collect the keys for the salon and nearly catches them together but Maria manages to shoo him away. After David has gone, she and Charlie discuss last night and agree that it was a moment of madness that won’t be repeated. But Charlie gets a shock later, with Tracy surprising him by coming back from Peter’s early. Charlie is genuinely pleased to see her and tells her how lonely he has been without her by his side, and the two have a romantic reunion. Tracy then goes to the salon to get her hair done and gushes innocently to Maria about how she and Charlie are the perfect couple. Will jealous Maria spill the beans to Tracy? In the Rovers, Vernon cannot help himself but chat up Michelle whenever Liz is out of earshot. Michelle isn’t interested whatsoever but is able to handle his sleaziness as capably as before. She later goes up to Steve and strikes up a friendly conversation with him, but Liz has had enough of her flirting and breaks up the conversation, much to Steve’s annoyance!And over at the Barlows’, Adam has the hangover from hell and Ken asks him if he has given any more thought to working at Underworld. Adam isn’t bothered at all which forces Ken to give him a piece of his mind. (thetvdb.com)
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