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Coronation Street
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Mon 11 Sep, 2006 [Episode 2]
Aired on: 2006-09-11
A clearly distressed Claire arrives at the maternity ward and stuns the receptionist when she announces that there has been some mistake and she believes that the baby she has been caring for is not hers and demands to know where her real baby is. Concerned for her well being the receptionist asks Claire to wait while she contacts a colleague. Seizing the opportunity the troubled new mother abandons baby Thomas in the toilets and heads off. Claire arrives back home with Joshua but Ashley realises baby Thomas is missing and he fears the worst. Claire tearfully reveals that she believes Thomas is not her child as she has no feelings towards the young tot. A panic-stricken Ashley dashes to the hospital to retrieve his son. Once at the hospital he is relieved to be re-united with Thomas but his relief is short lived when the hospital staff informs him that Claire may be suffering from postnatal depression and that social services have been informed of Claire’s actions. How will the young butcher come to terms with this latest bombshell? Elsewhere, months after his indiscretion, Cilla continues to make Les pay for his one-night stand with Janice when she announces she is using the money raised from her internet auctions to go an a holiday to Ayia Napa with friend Yana. Meanwhile, Liam presents Frankie with some flowers and she agrees to go out on another date with him but with Danny due back off holiday soon will Liam’s relationship with Frankie cause problems in his business dealings with Danny? Also, Gail is proud that David has finally named his bullies? Is this the end of David’s problems? (thetvdb.com)
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