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Coronation Street
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19 December 1990
Aired on: 1990-12-19
Victor considers closing the Weatherfield branch, he blamed Derek for not making enough profit. Derek swears to bring in new custom. Gail rows with Sally about Kevin inciting Martin to drink, but when it comes to making amends, Sally refuses. Kevin and Martin get Sally and Gail together. They make up but Kevin is annoyed when Sally calls him bossy. Jackie breaks down and accuses Mike of only sleeping with her to gain control of the factory. Jackie plans to offer Mike money to leave the factory. Mike and Jackie declare their love for each other. Mike tells her he'll sort Alma out before Christmas. Curly is horrified that the Taylor's have written to his parents thanking them for having Kimberley for Christmas and Alec forces Jack to work Liz's Christmas shift. (thetvdb.com)
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