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Meitantei Conan
(Detective Conan)
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The Interrogation Room
Aired on: 2009-10-31
Two men named Fumitaka Togashi and Tsuneo Hakamada are released on parole. The next day Togashi is convicted for the murder of parole officer Takehiko Sakuraba. Kogoro attempts to persuade Togashi whom has taken an oath of silence to tell him everything about the murder. Conan with Takagi's help investigates the crime scene. He notices that there are two blood puddles, all fingerprint has been cleaned off, and that the murder weapon was found near a shattered mirror. They decide to search convenience store cameras to determine Togashi's alibi and find Hakamda with stains of blood running from the crime scene. Takagi interrogates Sakuraba's neighbor who witnessed the murder; The neighbor reveals that during the blackout, she saw the culprit during a lightning flash who proceeded to through a weapon towards her. Conan realizing how the murder was done heads back to the interrogation room, tranquilizes Kogoro, and proceeds to solve the case. He explains that Hakada murdered Sakuraba. Hakada arrives at the interrogation room to confess to the murder revealing Sakuraba blackmailed his wife into debt causing her suicide along with his son. Conan reveals there is more to the story. He continues explaining that after Togashi failed to persuade Hakada from murder tells him to flee while he cleans the fingerprint. Conan reveals that Sakurba regained consciousness and was murdered again by Togashi. As evidence, he reveals that Sakurba's witness saw a left handed individual throw the weapon at her; Since she only witnessed the reflection, the culprit had to be right handed. Togashi confesses to the murder stating Sakuraba forced his mother into debt prompting her suicide. (thetvdb.com)
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