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Exodus: Our Journey to Europe
(Exodus: Our Journey)
Précédent  2x03
Our Journey Continues Part 3
Diffusé le : 16/11/2017
This final episode of the series follows the fate of Nazifa and her family as they make a final attempt to reach Germany. We catch up with Sadiq, who in series one managed to travel from Afghanistan to his destination of Finland in just 45 days. However, the welcome he experienced when he arrived has not been sustained. Across Europe policies have changed and deals have been struck, which means that if Sadiq's asylum claim fails, he faces forced deportation. Across the Atlantic, the USA is no longer welcoming refugees from the Middle East. President Trump's executive orders have far reaching consequences for those who were on the verge of emigrating to join family members already in the USA. We meet Saed and his family, who are Yezidis from Iraq, one of Daesh's main targets. They are living in a refugee camp waiting for their papers to be processed. (
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