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Queens of Mystery
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Smoke and Mirrors: First Chapter
Aired on: 2019-04-22
Smoke and Mirrors focuses on a local theatre where an adaptation of one of Aunt Jane’s books is being mounted. Hopes are high, particularly as celebrated thespian Sir Lawrence Shaw has persuaded his twice ex-wife Dame Blanche Chastain out of retirement to take a small role. But when a large sandbag falls, crushing one of the cast, Matilda’s investigations lead her to conclude this was no accident. As Matilda works her way through her suspects – the larger than life cast and crew of the play – Cat and Beth do some investigating of their own, and uncover bribes and secret obsessions behind the scenes. The plot thickens when a second body is found, and one of the remaining cast absconds. There will be more bodies on the stage floor unless Matilda acts fast. (thetvdb.com)
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