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Comédie / Sitcom
Sortie en 2011 - Statut : Renouvellement non confirmé
Dernier épisode : 6x06 - A été diffusé le 17/02/2017
Featuring bold, uncensored comedy from some of today’s fastest rising comedy stars, FUNNY AS HELL is what you’ve come to expect from Just For Laughs only it’s brand new, a lot cooler and has dirty words. Hosted by TV’s Jon Dore and brought to you by your mom. Veering from the mainstream, Funny as Hell introduces audiences to some of the funniest and most fearless comics working today. Each show features an impressive line-up of edgy, politically incorrect, alternative and musical comedy acts. In addition to the live show, each episode features an original digital sketch created especially for the series featuring Jon Dore and various performers from the series. Shot in an intimate space with a modern speakeasy vibe, each episode of the series recreates the feeling of being at a unique and self contained live event.
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