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Joel & Nish vs The World
(Joel & Nish vs The World)
Comedy Central (UK)
Comedy / Sitcom Documentary
Premiered in 2017 - Status: TBD/On The Bubble
United Kingdom
Last episode : 2x06 - Aired on 2018-10-29
Season 2: 6 épisodes
Joel & Nish Vs The World follows best mates Joel and Nish as they immerse themselves in the lives of the strongest, fittest, and toughest people in the world. In this funny and often jaw-dropping series the 'brains and brawn' comedy duo go out of their comfort zone and explore the health benefits of a lifestyle based upon ancient wisdom vs the very 'western' lifestyle they are accustomed to. The pair travel to six extreme locations in Mongolia, China, Mexico and the Philippines, testing Joel's strict fitness regime against some of the world's most resilient tribes. From the strong nomads of Mongolia to the Massai Warriors of Kenya and the Shaolin Monks of China, Joel will be tested in some of the harshest corners of the world, whilst Nish tries (and fails) not to laugh at him.

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