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Genre :
Drama Soap
Sortie en 2008 - Statut : Terminée
Dernier épisode : 1x155 - A été diffusé le 16/10/2008
The Riquelme are the owners of one of the most important law firms in Miami. Leopoldo works hand in hand with his father Samuel (an evil and manipulative man) to maintain the prestige of that desk of lawyers. The capricious destiny plays with Valeria and Leopoldo when putting them face to face. Both fall irremediably. Valeria, in the arms of the Leopoldo dressing, seems ready to forget that terrible fact that marked her. He proposes marriage and she accepts, but the girl's happiness is abruptly truncated when Juan Ignacio, the brother of Leopoldo, appears on the scene, who years ago destroyed Valeria's life in a cruel and cowardly manner. There is also the loss and loss Miroslava Montemar, who for the love of Leo, resort to deceiving Valeria making him believe that Leopoldo was one of his rapists, so Valeria cheated on Leopoldo rejects and do not get to marry. The unbridled wickedness of several characters makes the couple white. A new brutal fact changes everyone's life, and when Leopoldo is accused of a crime, Valeria, turned into a powerful lawyer, makes the young sea condemned to prison despite loving him with all his might. The fate of both seems sealed by betrayal and hatred. Valeria and Leopoldo walk on a cobweb at a point of breaking. The hope of regaining love and being happy in a day seems distant, impossible to achieve.
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Alfredo Galán :
Ana Lucía Hidalgo :
Daniel Ferrari :
David Barrios :
Estrella Granados :
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