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Drama Horror Thriller
Premiered in 2016 - Status: Returning TV Show
Last episode : 2x08 - Aired on 2017-10-17
Next episode : 3x01 - Air on 2019-05-23
Season 3: Solstice - le 23 mai
Rampaging serial killers leave carnage in their wake as their next victims fight to stay alive in this horror anthology series. Slasher's 8-episode first season centers around Sarah Bennett who, with husband Dylan, moves back to the town of her birth, Waterbury (a fictional town in Canada), and into her parents' former home. It was in that house on Halloween Night 1988 where both of her parents, Bryan and Rachel, were murdered. Rachel was pregnant with Sarah at the time of her murder, with police discovering the killer holding Rachel's newborn baby after the slayings. Sarah's return to Waterbury is greeted with the start of a series of copycat murders, all appearing to be at the hands of "The Executioner". Slasher's 8-episode second season centers around a horrific secret that a group of former summer camp counselors have buried long ago. Due to a changing circumstance, they must return to their resort in the dead of winter to retrieve the body of Talvinder, whom they murdered while they were camp counsellors, five years earlier. They get surprised when they can't find the body at the campsite. Later, the group start dying one by one at the hands of a mysterious person wearing a parka, which also alerts the second group of counselors at the resort.
Sarah Bennett:
Cam Henry:
Dylan Bennett:
June Henry:
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